Sarah Jessica Parker enjoys sex with fitness instructor

July 26th, 2016 by J

At 51, Sarah Jessica Parker has maintained a slim and sexy figure, and women all over the world are begging to know the secret behind her hot body built. At first, Parker was hesitant to share her possible rituals, which led to this incredible look that men and women are going gaga for. Though she’s already considering letting in everyone into the secret, she was still a bit worried as to how this will affect her career. Fortunately, her partner in crime in all these has given her enough assurance that what she’s about to unleash won’t hurt her career in any way.

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Why? Because this hardcore sex tape will be giving more pleasure to anyone who watches and it’s not going to disappoint. Parker enjoys working out with her ripped fitness trainer but there’s more to push-ups and squats that keep her body tight. She never finishes her sets properly as she would get horny and jump into this dude’s pants and make her blow his dick and they end up fucking rough for minutes to an hour! Parker admits she sweats more when they fuck and this, no doubt, helps her keep that sexy figure.

Sarah Jessica Parker in hot lesbian sex

March 20th, 2016 by J

While the film I Don’t Know How She Does It, where Sarah Jessica Parker starred in a lead role, was a major flop getting only one star on Rotten Tomatoes, a lot of you probably has the same confusion as to how SJP did maintain her charm all these years that even young women are so into her. This leaked video shows a very much carpet-munching Sarah while going wild with another female hottie. Watch them feast on each other’s cunts and ass as they spread those stems up in the air. Pretty sure the dude who recorded this had a happy ending.

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Sexy ass Sarah Jessica Parker gives head and gets banged

February 29th, 2016 by J

One of the hottest sex icons to grace the television is Sarah Jessica Parker. So it’s no surprise when she got some kinky homemade videos leaking from all corners of the web. People already seen her wild side, kinda, when they enjoyed this sexy momma on Sex and the City. But what these horny people didn’t know is that Sarah, being married to the same man for over a decade now, has more to show inside their bedroom in real life than just the tip of the iceberg on the tube. Well, that’s probably one reason why she has now three kids, yes? Not too busy and tired after her taping, she still has her hobbies even if this doesn’t include her hubby all the time. They both enjoy inviting over some of their swinger friends for some hardcore shoots and at times, Jessica is all by herself, surprising her husband with a new video like this one. Whenever she bends over and displays that tight ass, I dunno how one could resist the urge to grab her cheeks and stick their cock inside that hole.

Sarah Jessica Parker gets banged

She knows well how yummy her ass looks and this did trigger her fuck buddy’s hormones to shoot up and make his cock go wild inside that cunt. Sometimes, Matthew watches her get stuffed by other men, and this makes them both want to share their fantasies and role plays more. They are that wild and hardcore and pretty much open to anything that could spice up their sex life. This video if just one of their projects and of course they needed the time off from taking care of the children. There’s always room for these naughty activities, which is why her sexy roles are always effortless as she is already channeling her inner real life Carrie Bradshaw. Watch her suck a stiff dick and enjoying the rough doggystyle fuck in this video.

Sarah Jessica Parker Does Dubai

June 20th, 2010 by sjp

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Sarah Jessica Parker was all set to do Dubai, where her movie Sex and the City 2 is set.  But Dubai officials gave a resounding “No” to Sarah Jessica Parker and her movie entourage.  One of the producers has this to say: “Half the story was originally set around Dubai. Ski Dubai was in, the Dubai Creek was in … it was all about Dubai. They wanted the girls to be in a rich, modern Arab city.”

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The movie centers on four promiscuous gal pals from New York City. The producers of the movie worked for half a year trying to gain shooting permits in Dubai but were denied because the film’s title had the word “sex” in it… that and the tremendous amount of fucking and nudity that goes on in the movie!

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Sarah Jessica Parker finally had to settle for shooting in Morocco, which stood in for Abu Dhabi in the movie. For more Sarah Jessica Parker naughty pics, just click on the link.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s steamy hardcore sex pictures

December 7th, 2008 by sjp

Move over Kim Cattrall, your fellow Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker is hotter than hell when it comes to craving for hot, steamy sex and she may not do it on television or on the bigscreen… in fact Sarah Jessica likes to do it in the privacy of her home and she’s banging with some of these lucky bastards who will feed her some real hard male meat to feast on until she gets blasted with fresh, thick cum inside her mouth or on her pretty face! And these little photo souvenirs that has been leaked are enough proof that she can be one kinky Hollywood slut that her hubby, Matthew Broderick, never thought of having for a wife.

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Carrie Bradshaw’s titillating nude pictures

December 7th, 2008 by sjp

It has been said that Sarah Jessica Parker retained the strict no-nudity clause in her contract throughout the season run of Sex and the City… but it was only until recently that these hot and titillating nude pictures of her started popping all over and it made us wonder what the hell ever happened to her “no-nudity” policy stated in her contract?! Oh well, she always has the right to do her thing in private but she could have been more careful and now the public gets to see the real Carrie Bradshaw in all of her naked glory with tons of these revealing photos that we have gathered and packed them in one hot photo set that is worth a second look.

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December 2nd, 2008 by sjp

We all know her as columnist Carrie Bradshaw in the HBO worldwide hit TV series Sex and the City and from that moment on, Sarah Jessica Parker has become a household name all around the globe most especially in the fashion world where her influence is being felt and had her name in every woman’s lips whenever Sarah Jessica appears on the telly donning some of the trendiest fashion apparel and had every woman in town copying her from head to foot. But what the world didn’t knew is that this Hollywood actress doesn’t only love fashion but she likes to do something else in private and that is getting herself naked and pose in front of the camera! And with these sexy topless photos of Sarah Jessica Parker, you would know exactly what she has been up to lately.

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