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Sarah Jessica Parker’s steamy hardcore sex pictures

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Move over Kim Cattrall, your fellow Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker is hotter than hell when it comes to craving for hot, steamy sex and she may not do it on television or on the bigscreen… in fact Sarah Jessica likes to do it in the privacy of her home and she’s banging with some of these lucky bastards who will feed her some real hard male meat to feast on until she gets blasted with fresh, thick cum inside her mouth or on her pretty face! And these little photo souvenirs that has been leaked are enough proof that she can be one kinky Hollywood slut that her hubby, Matthew Broderick, never thought of having for a wife.

Witness the “dark side” of Sarah Jessica Parker with these smoking hardcore sex pictures that is loaded with sleazy goodness as she spreads her legs and open that hungry mouth for some hardcore action as these studs give her what she wants and she won’t stop until our Carrie Bradshaw is truly satisfied! So click here and enjoy more of her exclusive sleaze only at Sarah Jessica Parker Nude.

Carrie Bradshaw’s titillating nude pictures

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

It has been said that Sarah Jessica Parker retained the strict no-nudity clause in her contract throughout the season run of Sex and the City… but it was only until recently that these hot and titillating nude pictures of her started popping all over and it made us wonder what the hell ever happened to her “no-nudity” policy stated in her contract?! Oh well, she always has the right to do her thing in private but she could have been more careful and now the public gets to see the real Carrie Bradshaw in all of her naked glory with tons of these revealing photos that we have gathered and packed them in one hot photo set that is worth a second look.

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Topless photos of Sarah Jessica Parker

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

We all know her as columnist Carrie Bradshaw in the HBO worldwide hit TV series Sex and the City and from that moment on, Sarah Jessica Parker has become a household name all around the globe most especially in the fashion world where her influence is being felt and had her name in every woman’s lips whenever Sarah Jessica appears on the telly donning some of the trendiest fashion apparel and had every woman in town copying her from head to foot. But what the world didn’t knew is that this Hollywood actress doesn’t only love fashion but she likes to do something else in private and that is getting herself naked and pose in front of the camera! And with these sexy topless photos of Sarah Jessica Parker, you would know exactly what she has been up to lately.

There are literally tons of these sexy topless pictures of Carrie Bradshaw circulating all over the internet and we have gathered each and every one of them and compiled them in one huge photo collection that is loaded with Sarah Jessica’s delectable tits that you will truly enjoy. And for you to get the complete package, click here and have blast with more of her sleazy stuff only at Sarah Jessica Parker Nude.